Departmental Bulletin Paper Meta-teaching English as a Second Language with Future Elementary School Teachers

SCOTT, Kent  ,  HAYASE, Mitsuaki  ,  スコット, ケント  ,  早瀬, 光秋

MEXT 2020 goals for English education outline ambitious extensions of English classes into elementary schools across the country. Although all teachers have at least a basic understanding of English due to years of study as a compulsory subject, many have no experience or knowledge of teaching the subject. This has created a situation necessitating meta-teaching of ESL, which for our purposes means giving instruction to our students of the Faculty of Education of Mie University on how to effectively teach English as a Second Language; teaching teachers how to teach, essentially. This paper addresses those classes where it is attempted to give future elementary school teachers the unique skills and knowledge needed when tasked with teaching English classes. We will outline our theories of meta-teaching, some of the successes and failures encountered, and proposals to improve the curriculum, with a review of main teaching methods.

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