Departmental Bulletin Paper 3次元着装シミュレーションによる被服デザイン教育用サイトを利用した衣服選択教材の試み
Attempt of teaching materials for clothing selection using a clothing design education website by 3D-Garment Designs

増田, 智恵  ,  村上, かおり  ,  MASUDA, Tomoe  ,  MURAKAMI, Kaori

We launched a future custom-made shopping site for education using virtual fitting simulations as teaching materials for clothing design - for use by teachers who teach elementary, junior high, and senior high school students of clothing management - utilizing the internet society in the future. It is a site comprising teaching materials that the students can use to experience 3-dimensional (3D) human body measurements, both at school and at home, and learn 3D garment designs using wearing simulations. In the teaching materials, respondents answered questions (while simulating clothing purchases as consumers) about clothing design selection evaluation. There were questions about clothes, wearing clothes, and buying clothes. The teaching materials on the website were constructed to help students understand the function of clothing life. The results of the students’ responses were accumulated in the network server and were analyzed with regard to the usefulness and improvement points of the clothing design education website by 3D-Garment Designs. The number of responses by female university students from 2009 to 2016 totaled 1,689. The results of the analysis on the relation between 26 pieces of women’s clothing and 10 kinds of design image evaluations using 3D wearing simulations were almost the same as the results shown in the previous reports 1)-3) evaluated on the 2D images using the same women’s clothes. As the results of the wearing scenes and effects were similar, it was confirmed that there was no problem with learning using 3D-Garment Designs. It became easier to imagine the appearance of a real person wearing clothing by 3D-Garment Designs. Moreover, it was possible to determine the size that respondents wore. As a result, they used to have many requests for clothes, and each of them began raising their consciousness as consumers. Furthermore, it was suggested that the incorporation of elements such as materials and clothes management into the system as information for selecting clothes could be the basis of an assignment.

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