Departmental Bulletin Paper <Practice Reports>Establishment and activities of "Sakura Science Club" in Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy

Hai, Nguyen  ,  Ngan, Le  ,  Hoa, Dao  ,  KUNINAKA, Hiroto  ,  GOTO, Taichiro  ,  ハイ, グエン  ,  ガン, ル  ,  ホア, ダオ  ,  國仲, 寛人  ,  後藤, 太一郎

As part of the Sakura Science Plan-a short-term exchange program supported by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)-a collaborative program, namely Sakura program, was established between Mie University and HoChiMinh City University of Pedagogy (HCMUP). In each year 2015 an 2016, this program facilitated ten students and two supervisors from HCMUP to visit Japan for ten days to experience science education in Japan through a variety of laboratory activities, museum and high school visits. These trip shelped widen participants' view about science education and led to the establishment of HCMUP Sakura Science Club (HSSC)-a club where members of the Sakura Science Plan gather to share what they had learned in the program to community. This paper reports on the foundation, development and challenges of HSSC.

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