Departmental Bulletin Paper <研究論文>留学生の書道体験における気づき ―書字への意識と書表現の捉え方―
<Articles>A Study on the Awareness on the First Experience of Calligraphy by Foreign Students: About Writing Kanji and the Perception of Calligraphy

林, 朝子  ,  HAYASHI, Aasako

We provided foreign students the opportunity of calligraphy. In the activity, they tried to write Kanji by using brush and to appreciate the works of calligraphy. Through the activity, foreign students 1) can have consciousness of details on writing Kanji, for example, the way of writing basic lines, the shape and size of Kanji against the paper and soon, and 2) can perceive calligraphy both as language form and as an appreciation of design. Based on these two points, calligraphy is so useful for the way of teaching and learning letters and is enjoyable art for foreign students.

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