Departmental Bulletin Paper Developing a Program for the Advancement of English Studies and Globalization Skills

Boffemmyer, Justin

Japanese university students seldom have the opportunity to develop their English through active use. Additionally, most study abroad programs target upper-classmen who may be too focused on graduating and finding post-graduation employment to spend time abroad for English. Due to the difference between the Japanese academic calendar and those of the study abroad countries, Japanese students who wish to attend a study abroad typically have to take at least a semester off from their regular studies. To better facilitate development of more active English, the Special English Program was initiated in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Mie University, and is limited to first-year students with a TOEIC IP score of 600 or higher. The program involves various courses in English during the first year, with a 3-week short-term study abroad during the spring vacation.

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