Departmental Bulletin Paper Education system in sub-Saharan Africa

CISSE, Facinet  ,  SUSONO, Hitoshi  ,  ファシネ, スィッセ  ,  須曽野, 仁志

This paper looks closely at the education system of the Sub-Sahara African countries. Education systems in this region were inherited from their colonial masters (Great Britain, France etc.). Unlike Britain, all the Francophone countries adopted free education from France (Education For All). Only few Anglophone countries such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Swaziland etc. with free primary and secondary education. In general the compulsory education is from 5 to 14 years; a process which helps to maximize the enrollment rate of African school age children.Despite the severe challenges ranging between the shortage of instructional materials and the unqualified teaching staff, more students (60%) are currently enrolled in schools across Africa than ever before.

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