Research Paper マイクロRNAを指標とする分子疫学と実験研究に基づく繊維・粒子状物質のリスク評価

平工, 雄介  ,  大前, 和幸  ,  田中, 昭代  ,  HIRAKU, Yusuke  ,  OMAE, Kazuyuki  ,  TANAKA, Akiyo

2015-05-19 , 三重大学
Inhalation exposure to fibrous and particlate materials induces carcinogenesis and fibrosis in respiratory systems, but precise mechanisms remain to be clarified. We have performed comprehensive microarray analysis for microRNA (miRNA) and gene expression in the lung tissues of animals exposed to asbestos and indium compounds. We found that these compounds significanlty changed the expression levels of several miRNAs, which may regulate genes involved in carcinogenesis and fibrosis. We also found that an indium compound altered miRNA levels in the serum of rats. These findings raise the possibility that miRNAs can be used for evaluation of the risk of respiratory diseases in individuals exposed to these compounds and provide an insight into molecular epidemiology for indium-exposed workers.

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