Research Paper エピゲノム制御分子を介した白血病の分子病態の解明

小埜, 良一  ,  野阪, 哲哉  ,  ONO, Ryoichi  ,  NOSAKA, Tetsuya

2015-05-18 , 三重大学
In this study, to focus on epigenetic alterations closely associated with leukemogenesis, I have generated conditional knockout mice of an epigenome regulator, analyzed malignant hematopoiesis of these mice combined with my leukemogenic mouse model, and characterized normal hematopoiesis of the mice. Conditional ablation of the target molecule induced no critical phenotypic changes in leukemogenesis, but led to interesting findings concerning self-renewal and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells. I am further investigating the molecular mechanisms at the moment.

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