Research Paper 地域高齢者の防災対策を基盤とした地域防災力強化のためのシステム構築

磯和, 勅子  ,  川口, 淳  ,  グライナー, 智恵子  ,  沢井, 史穂  ,  平松, 万由子  ,  北川, 亜希子  ,  服部, 由佳  ,  ISOWA, Tokiko  ,  KAWAGUCHI, Jun  ,  GRINER, Chieko  ,  SAWAI, Shiho  ,  HIRAMATSU, Mayuko  ,  KITAGAWA, Akiko  ,  HATTORI, Yuka

2015-05-26 , 三重大学
The purpose of this research was construction of regional disaster prevention system for elderly people. In this system, maintenance and improvement of health is placed as a part of a disaster prevention measure. First, physical educators and disaster prevention coordinators for elderly people were developed, and next cooperated with administration and build this regional disaster prevention system. In the results, almost of participants were old-old, but motor function and mental function were increased or maintained. Furthermore, the awareness of disaster-prevention measures and the preparations have been strengthened.

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