Research Paper 地域密着型クリニックを拠点とする運動器不安定症高齢者の運動支援プログラム開発

福録, 恵子  ,  清水, 安子  ,  瀬戸, 奈津子  ,  今井, 奈妙  ,  大原, 千園  ,  FUKUROKU, Keiko  ,  SHIMIZU, Yasuko  ,  SETO, Natsuko  ,  IMAI, Nami  ,  OOHARA, Tisono

2015-06-04 , 三重大学
To prevent the elderly of MADS from falling and to develop an exercise adherence program to maintain and improve ADL, we compared the ADL noticeable in training at home and physical measured values before and after six months intervention. And the effectiveness of this program was examined from the feedback effects of change in walking state using a motion analyzer. As a result, in the range of motion in ankle joint, the intervention group showed significant improvement comparing with the control group. In the comparison within group, only the intervention group showed significant improvement in 5 meter maximal walking and TUG. The improvement of ADL and the training frequency of the intervention group is higher than the control group and fewer people dropped out. So we tried the intervention again after the division of feedback, and showed significant improvement ""toe-up"" ""heel-up"" of gait analysis and the mesured values of stabilometry. We developed an exercise adherence program.

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