Research Paper 花粉症皮膚炎の病態解明と抑制性細胞誘導による治療

水谷, 仁  ,  山中, 恵一  ,  MIZUTANI, Hitoshi  ,  YAMANAKA, Keiichi

2015-05-20 , 三重大学
We tried development of a mouse model for the Japanese cedar pollen dermatitis (CPD). Immunization with combination of the percutaneous and non-percutaneous application with Japanese cedar pollen antigens successfully sensitized some mice. FACS analysis of the lymphocytes and the skin cytokine mRNA profile of the immunized mouse revealed sensitization in some mouse. However, we have to change the strategy because of the very low sensitization efficiency of this model. Following to human Japanese cedar pollinosis (JCP), we developed a mouse model for JCP by repeated trans-nasal immunization, and successfully developed a Th2 type JCP mouse model. We are analyzing the immunological profile of the JCP model and are developing the CPD model by additional immunization.

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