Research Paper データロガーの活用に基づいた科学的思考力向上実験プログラムの開発と実践的検証

後藤, 太一郎  ,  牧原, 義一  ,  伊藤, 信成  ,  平山, 大輔  ,  寺西, 克倫  ,  根津, 知佳子  ,  冨樫, 健二  ,  松本, 金矢  ,  磯部, 由香  ,  GOTO, Taichiro  ,  MAKIHARA, Yoshikazu  ,  ITOH, Nobunari  ,  HIRAYAMA, Daisuke  ,  TERANISHI, Katsunori  ,  NEZU, Chikako  ,  TOGASHI, Kenji  ,  MATSUMOTO, Kin’ya  ,  ISOBE, Yuka

2015-05-20 , 三重大学
In order to improve scientific thinking of elementary and junior high school students, it is important to enhance the lessons which consist of collecting information from experiments and observation and discussion based on the data. Dataloggers have been used in teaching science in number of countries. However, it is not popular even in high school and college in Japan. In the present study we developed the experimental program for elementary and junior high school students. Experiments suitable for using dataloggers were selected in science, technology, home science, and physical education. Teachers certificated as “Core Science Teacher (CST) program in Mie” used dataloggers in their classes and introduced the experiments to other teachers in their school distinct. We introduced the inquiry based science experiments using dataloggers and increased use of dataloggers in Mie Prefecture.

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