Research Paper キリシタン手稿類におけるローマ字表記の日本語学的研究

川口, 敦子  ,  KAWAGUCHI, Atsuko

2015-05-22 , 三重大学
The romanization of Japanese in Kirishitan manuscripts, even among manuscripts which have the same text, varies depending on the language environment of the transcriber. Even under the influence of the normative romanization of the Kirishitan press which started in 1590, the original romanization in Kirishitan manuscripts still remained through its relation to the pronunciation of Japanese in those days. The various copies of ""Dictionarium siue thesauri linguae Iaponicae compendium"" by D. Collado display many differences. When we use the documents of Kirishitan press for the study of the Japanese language, we also must consider the particular typographical background of the text.

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