Research Paper 勃起不全治療薬ホスホジエステラーゼ5阻害剤は悪性黒色腫の分子標的となり得るか?

清水, 香澄  ,  田川, 俊郎  ,  村田, 琢  ,  SHIMIZU, Kasumi  ,  TAGAWA, Toshiro  ,  MURATA, Taku

2015-06-09 , 三重大学
We have already reported that the PDE1 signal affects the cell proliferation and motility in malignant melanoma cells. Therefore, we examined if the PDE5 inhibitor using for ED treatment, which also inhibits PDE1, is available as the therapeutic agent for malignant melanoma. Sildenafil inhibited cell motility of malignant melanoma MAA cells which expressed PDE1. Sildenafil was not effected for other oral malignant melanoma cells which did not express PDE1. As each oral malignant tumor cells showed the different PDE expression patterns and the effect of sildenafil varied by PDE expression pattern, PDE might be used for the personalized cancer therapy.

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