Research Paper 網羅的ペプチドミクスによるNASHの病態解析と分子標的の探索

山本, 憲彦  ,  白木, 克哉  ,  杉本, 和史  ,  YAMAMOTO, Norihiko  ,  SHIRAKI, Katsuya  ,  SUGIMOTO, Kazushi

2015-06-25 , 三重大学
Recently, the increasing number of metabolic syndrome has become emerging health problem in our country. As mechanism of this disease has been evaluated, it has become obvious that hepatic steatosis plays an important role in triggering and progression of the disease. Especially, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis(NASH) is very important in the pathogenesis of the disease. But the detailed role of hepatic steatosis in metabolic syndrome remains unclear. Furthermore, it is still very difficult to distinguish simple steatosis from NASH. In this study, we analyzed the blood sample from the healthy volunteer and the NAFLD patients who developed NASH and ultimately liver cirrhosis. We detected the NASH specific molecular peptide by peptidomics using iTRAQ.

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