Research Paper 酸化亜鉛・マンガン酸化物ヘテロ積層膜の作成および新規p-n接合概念の提案と検証

遠藤, 民生  ,  ENDO, Tamio

2015-06-16 , 三重大学
Novel hetero p-n junctions of p-La(Ba)Mn03/n-Zn0 were fabricated. They have step-terrace morphology and excellent crystallinity. Their orientations can be interpreted by calculations of lattice matching and site Coulomb energy. The junction shows I-V rectification and unique temperature dependence, and 200000 rectification factor after running-current. It also shows switching and hysteresis I-V behaviors. These are interpreted by percolation model due to ferromagnetic grains in LBMO. It shows large photo-induced current amplification, interpreted by phase change.

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