Research Paper 電場によるキャリヤ注入の第一原理計算と超伝導

佐野, 和博  ,  中村, 浩次  ,  SANO, Kazuhiro  ,  NAKAMURA, Kohji

2015-05-19 , 三重大学
In recently, it has been attracted much interest in the superconductivity of surface charging on several insulators, which is induced by strong electrical field of an electrical double layer. In this study, we investigate the electronic state of it ; especially we take the surface of diamond as an example. By using the first-principles calculations, we obtain the band structure and the profile of hole density near the surface of the diamond under the electrical field. It indicates that induced hole concentration as a carrier reaches up to 1 percent of total atoms of the system under realistic situation. The result suggests the possibility of the electric-field-driven superconductivity of the diamond with the electrical double layer at sufficiently low temperature.

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