Research Paper 分子三脚を起点とする表面逐次カップリング反応による機能性単分子膜の創製

北川, 敏一  ,  平井, 克幸  ,  岡崎, 隆男  ,  KITAGAWA, Toshikazu  ,  HIRAI, Katsuyuki  ,  OKAZAKI, Takao

2015-05-20 , 三重大学
A molecular tripod consisting of a rigid adamantane core and three thiol legs undergoes three-point adsorption on gold surface to form a well-ordered self-assembled monolayer. Elongation of the adsorbed molecules of this monolayer was examined through cross-coupling reactions. The elongated molecules are capped with a terminal ferrocene or TEMPO group, which was electrochemically analyzed to determine the yield of the reaction. Yields of 80% and 30% were attained for the connection of ferrocene by single- and two-step Sonogashira coupling reactions, respectively.

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