Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈研究論文〉日本語を学習する中国大学生に対する日本留学への意識調査 : 南京工業大学を対象に

方, 萍  ,  松岡, 知津子  ,  福岡, 昌子  ,  Fang, Ping  ,  MATSUOKA, Chizuko  ,  FUKUOKA, Masako

11pp.89 - 104 , 2016-03-31 , 三重大学国際交流センター
In recent years, college students tend to think that overseas study experience is beneficial to their future career, and “Study in Japan” has become an important factor in the purpose and meaning of Japanese language study. This study focuses on the students’ awareness of studying abroad. The students in focus are Japanese majors Nanjing University of Technology. We conducted questionnaire to them and the results show that they hope to gain degrees in order to have better jobs. We can conclude that, according to their awareness, the biggest benefit of studying in Japan is to experience better education, and the students believe the experience can lead to their future carriers. Howerer, it seems that Nanjing University of Technology has not responded sufficiently to their students’ awareness. Furthermore, we made suggestions about improvement in exchange program.

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