Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈研究論文〉ブラジル人学校の保護者への意識調査とその子弟への日本語指導に関する研究

福岡, 昌子  ,  FUKUOKA, Masako

11pp.1 - 17 , 2016-03-31 , 三重大学国際交流センター
The number of Japanese Brazilian workers in Mie Prefecture has tended to increase. However, due to the economic crisis caused by the US Lehman shock of September 2008, many of them lost their jobs due to restructuring, A lot chose to return home. On the other hand, some Japanese Brazilians continue in employment as permanent residents of Japan. Currently, some of their children study in Brazilian schools and some in Japan’s public elementary schools. As part of the program of Japanese support for Brazilian schools, we carried out a survey of Brazilian children’s education in Japan. We surveyed about 235 parents at Brazilian schools. We found that when parents were assessing the future for their children, they felt they were forced to work in Japan for financial reasons rather than securing a good future. However, a Brazilian school that was surveyed earlier was acquired by a major cram school in 2013, which unexpectedly has created a brighter future for some Brazilian people in Japan. Through results of the parents’questionnaire at Brazilian schools and the trends of recent years at those schools, we consider how best to deliver Japanese language teaching.

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