Departmental Bulletin Paper ロータリ耕うんにおける直進補助制御に関する基礎研究 : ロータリ取付けヨー角の制御によるトラクタヨー姿勢角変化の抑制

佐藤, 邦夫  ,  新谷, 康夫  ,  福島, 崇志  ,  趙, 光龍  ,  SATO, Kunio  ,  SHINTANI, Yasuo  ,  FUKUSHIMA, Takashi  ,  ZHAO, Guanglong

42pp.9 - 18 , 2016-03-01 , 三重大学大学院生物資源学研究科
In this study, some basic experiments were carried out for the purpose of constructing the oncoming compensatory rectilinear progress control system that controls the yaw angle of a rotary tiller automatically, to improve the straightness of the tractor path in the rotary tillage work. Primarily, some experiments were carried out to confirm that tractors turn by setting the yaw angle of the rotary tiller largely. Following, the steering wheel of a tractor was manipulated so that the tractor was traveling straight while the rotary tiller was set at a certain angle to the tractor, while the front steering angle was measured simultaneously to investigate the effectiveness of the yaw angle of the rotary tiller. In addition, the compensatory rectilinear progress control system that controlled the yaw angle of the rotary tiller was tried to be constructed with an oscillatory type yaw rate sensor and a telescopic lower link in order to reduce the yaw attitude angle of the tractor. Lastly, some control experiments were carried out. The effectiveness of this system was confirmed using estimations of the potentiality of the compensatory rectilinear progress control derived from the turning characteristics of the tractor obtained in the preliminary experiments by setting the yaw angle of the rotary tiller.

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