Departmental Bulletin Paper 三重県沿岸における造礁サンゴ相
Hermatypic Coral Fauna along the Coast of Mie Prefecture

石川, 達也  ,  山田, 大貴  ,  松田, 知紗  ,  倉島, 彰  ,  ISHIKAWA, Tatsuya  ,  YAMADA, Daiki  ,  MATSUDA, Chisa  ,  KURASHIMA, Akira

42pp.1 - 8 , 2016-03 , 三重大学大学院生物資源学研究科
Hermatypic coral fauna along the coast of Mie Prefecture were studied through qualitative surveys and compared to those of other areas of Japan. There were many hermatypic coral communities off the coast of Mie Prefecture. Surveys results showed that 11 families containing 26 genera and 39 species of hermatypic corals were distributed along the eastern coast of Mie Prefecture. Alveopora japonica is said to be in danger of being poached and findings of Turbinaria peltata renewed the northern limit of the range of that species. Hermatypic corals were not found at northern study sites of this study, while many hermatypic coral species were confirmed at southern study sites. The Kii Peninsula was found to form the boundary between coral communities of the western warm temperate region and those of the eastern warm temperate region in Japan. Long-term and quantitative surveys are needed to evaluate the influence of environmental changes on hermatypic coral communities in Mie Prefecture.

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