Departmental Bulletin Paper カラオケを用いた「YUBAメソッド+-[Hi]2-認知症」プログラムによるアルツハイマー病患者の声域拡張

弓場, 徹  ,  大久保, 友加里  ,  松岡, 守  ,  YUBA, Toru  ,  OKUBO, Yukari  ,  MATSUOKA, Mamoru

The YUBA Method+-[Hi]2-Dementia a new non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive, interactive, operational brain treatment, based on Penfield’s brain map, through cognitive exercises; voicing and singing mainly, dancing and acting with karaoke and an electric piano is a program to enhance Alzheimers’ disease patients’ quality of life developed by T. Yuba , expanded vocal ranges of patients with Alzheimer's disease by 8.3 semitones and enabled them to sing better. Until now, our project, based on curing vocal amusia and improving cochlear implant wearers’ singing, and designed to produce brain plasticity and enhance efficiency of neurotransmission by giving numerous stimuli to brains in cognitive exercises through voicing and singing, showed improvements in QOL, new skill acquisition.

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