Departmental Bulletin Paper 「職業観・勤労観の育成」へのまなざし : 拠り所としての情報と経験

伊藤, 敏子  ,  ITO, Toshiko

“Evidence-based Education” emerged in the wake of “Evidence-based Medicine” , which had arisen in the nineties of the twentieth century. Under this doctrine, educational policy now requires every proposal to be based on quantifiable data. The Career Education program, launched by the Ministry of Education in 2004, seeks to improve the attitude towards work and occupation as its aim rather than increasing the employment rate and decreasing the resignation rate among youth. This plainly raises the question of whether the aim of improving the attitude towards work and occupation is compatible with “Evidence-based Education”. Crucially, it has to be asked whether the aims of career education are attainable in accordance with the tenets of “Evidence-based Education”. This article highlights the problematic relation between “attitude” and quantifiable targets in career education.

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