Departmental Bulletin Paper ラーベス相金属間化合物(Zr1-xRx)Mn2(R=Nd,Er)の水素吸蔵放出特性

牧原, 義一  ,  梅田, 和巳  ,  宮入, 嘉夫  ,  MAKIHARA, Yoshikazu  ,  UMEDA, Kazumi  ,  MIYAIRI, Yoshio

Structural and hydriding/dehydriding properties of ZrMn2 -based Laves phase compounds (Zr1-xRx )Mn2 (R = Nd,Er) have been studied by the measurements of powder X-ray diffraction and hydrogen pressure-composition isotherm (PCT). The host compounds with single phase C14-type structure were prepared for the R=Nd system with x=0, 0.1, 1.0 and for the R=Er system with x =0, 0.1, while mixtures of ZrMn2 and RMn2 were obtained for the except compositions in (Zr1-xRx )Mn2 compounds. With increasing the Nd composition, dehydriding equilibrium pressure (Pd) of the Nd-system increases, whereas hydrogen content absorbed in the compound decreases. In the Er-system, on the other hand, the Pd is not dependent on the Er composition. The effect of substitution of Zr in ZrMn2 by Nd or Er on the hydriding/dehydriding properties is discussed.

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