Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈研究論文〉 社会参加の意識を高める中学校社会科地理における社会的論争問題学習 : 国際交流のあり方の意思決定を通して

永田, 成文  ,  NAGATA, Shigefumi

10pp.89 - 104 , 2015-03-27 , 三重大学国際交流センター
The phrase "formation of asustainable society" was introduced to the Japanesecurriculum guidelines in the 2008 and 2009 edition. In response to these changes, geographical education has paid more attention to the process of social participation. The researcher proposes that a geographical learning theory of the "Learning ofSocial Dispute Issues" can provide a new approach to fostering citizenship in Japanesegeographical education. The researcher sets domains of cultural friction, environmental destruction, and social gap as the scope of social dispute issues. "Learning of Social Dispute Issues" in junior high school allow students to perform the activities ofdescription, explanation, value judgment, decision-making related to social disputeissues of the national scale.The researcher performed lessons related to the three domains of social issues in ajunior high school. Students are asked to recognize the conditions and causes andperform decision-making towards solutions to these issues at the national scale. The result of questionnaires and worksheets showed that these lessons utilizing activities of decision-making in the scene of international exchange deepenedgeographical recognition and enhanced consciousness of social participation.

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