Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈研究論文〉 中・上級日本語学習者による誤りの特定と訂正 : 初級項目を中心に

松岡, 知津子  ,  岡本, 智美  ,  MATSUOKA, Chizuko  ,  OKAMOTO, Tomomi

10pp.75 - 87 , 2015-03-27 , 三重大学国際交流センター
Beginner level errors are sometimes seen in texts written by intermediate andadvanced students. Even if such errors are pointed out and corrected by teachers, thesame errors occur in subsequent assignments. However, teachers cannot be availableall the time to correct such errors, so students need to acquire the skill to find andcorrect errors in their own texts. Therefore, the present study investigates theparticularities of errors and the difficult points of the correction process for thepurpose of improving the writing skills of learners. The study had some interesting results. 1. It is not easy for intermediate and advanced learners to correct errors in beginner level salutation experessions. 2. In some cases, the correction itself was not difficult, but students had difficulty inidentifying the error. 3. Ommission errors are difficult to identify even if they are underlined. 4. Mix-ups of related expressions, the influence of topics, tense and sentence structure, and other types of errors not related to salutations were also among the items that make error identification and correction difficult.

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