Departmental Bulletin Paper 地域における精神障害者に対する訪問支援者の実態に関する調査
A Factual Investigation into Home Visitors of the Mentally Disabled within the Community

井倉, 一政  ,  宮越, 裕治  ,  西出, りつ子  ,  河田, 志帆  ,  畑下, 博世  ,  IGURA, Kazumasa  ,  MIYAKOSHI, Yuji  ,  NISHIDE, Ritsuko  ,  KAWATA, Shiho  ,  HATASHITA, Hiroyo

17 ( 1 )  , pp.13 - 22 , 2015-03-20 , 三重大学医学部看護学科
本調査は,地域における精神障害者への訪問支援の実態を明らかにし,精神障害者を地域で支える体制づくりについて検討することを目的とした.調査対象は,精神障害者に対して訪問支援を行う機関に勤務する者とした.分析の結果,精神障害者を訪問している者は,訪問業務の経験年数が10 年以下の者が多く,支援が困難であると感じながら,訪問業務を行っている現状が明らかになった.困難である理由は,対象者との関わりや支援が難しいと感じているからであった.また,職種別の特徴として,看護職は対象者を取り巻く環境や体制に着目し,支援の制約があると考えていた.一方,福祉・行政職は自分に自信がないという支援者個人の要因で訪問支援が困難であると考えていた.保健医療福祉領域の経験年数が多いほど、困難事例を受け持つようになり,他機関へ相談する傾向にあることも明らかになった.以上より,地域で精神障害者を支えるために,多職種・多機関のネットワークの構築とその充実が重要であると示唆された.
The purpose of this research was to clarify the conditions of home visitors to the mentally disabled and gain insight into augmenting the support system for the entally disabled within the community. The subjects were persons employed at institutions that provide home visits to thementally disabled.The results of the analysis showed that many individuals had little experience in visiting the mentally disabled at home, and were carrying out these visits despite feeling that interacting with and supporting the mentally disabled was difficult. Characteristics of specific occupations werenoted as follows: nursing staff tended to feel there were limitations to the support they could offer as their work revolved around existing environments and systems, while individuals working in welfare and administration services felt the ifficulties they faced in carrying out home visits primarily stemmed from a lack of confidence. It was further noted that the more years of experience an individual had in the health and welfare fields, the more likely they were to be assigned challenging cases and consult with other institutions.In order to more effectively support the mentally disabled within the community, it is therefore important to cultivate and enhance multidisciplinary face-to-face networks across various occupations and institutions.

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