Journal Article Silver-modified octahedral anatase particles as plasmonic photocatalyst

Wei, Z.  ,  Janczarek, M.  ,  Endo, M.  ,  Colbeau-Justin, C.  ,  Ohtani, B.  ,  Kowalska, E.

310pp.19 - 25 , 2018-07-15 , Elsevier
Octahedral anatase particles (OAPs) were modified with silver nanoparticles (NPs) by photodeposition method. The properties of OAPs influenced the properties of silver deposits, and thus the photocatalytic activity of the obtained silver-modified OAPs. Photocatalytic activities were tested under UV and vis irradiation for oxidative decomposition of acetic acid and oxidation of 2-propanol, respectively. The properties of silver-modified OAPs were investigated by XRD, STEM, DRS, XPS and time-resolved microwave conductivity (TRMC) method. It was found that electron traps (ETs) worked as nucleation sites for silver, resulting in formation of smaller silver NPs on smaller OAPs with larger content of ETs. The modification with silver resulted in enhanced photocatalytic activity under both UV and vis irradiation. It was found that larger crystallite size of silver NPs, and thus larger polydispersity of silver deposits resulted in broad and intense plasmon resonance peak causing enhanced visible activity. The correlation between photocatalytic activity and TRMC data, e.g., slower decay of TRMC signal for more active samples, allowed discussion on property-governed photocatalytic activities of silver-modified titania.

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