Journal Article Prevention of Catastrophic Volcanic Eruptions, Large Earthquakes underneath Big Cities, and Giant Earthquakes at Subduction Zones

Fujii, Yoshiaki  ,  Sheshpari, Morteza  ,  Kodama, Jun-ichi  ,  Fukuda, Daisuke  ,  Dassanayake, Anjula BN

10 ( 6 )  , p.1908 , 2018-06-07 , MDPI
Catastrophic volcanic eruptions, large earthquakes beneath big cities, or giant earthquakes at subduction zones are apparently the biggest problems facing the sustainability of human society. However, imminent prediction methods for these events have never been established, except that volcanic eruptions can only be predicted by exceptional efforts by dedicated researchers. Even if a prediction method has been established, the method cannot significantly reduce infrastructure damage, although it could slightly reduce the number of fatalities. On the other hand, prevention of eruptions or earthquakes could significantly reduce, not only the number of fatalities, but also infrastructure damage. Therefore, the authors propose (1) gradual energy release by supercritical power generation to prevent catastrophic eruptions; (2) gradual seismic energy release by injecting water into seismic sources to prevent large earthquakes beneath big cities; and (3) exploding existing nuclear warheads underground to prevent giant earthquakes at subduction zones. Necessary technical developments, costs, risks, and problems will also be explained.

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