Journal Article テキストマイニングによる自治体が取り組む先進地視察の支援
Text Mining for Supporting Planning of Inspection Tours by Municipalities

白井, 康裕  ,  日向, 貴久  ,  山田, 洋文  ,  西村, 直樹

20 ( 2 )  , pp.124 - 131 , 2018-03-31 , 北海道農業経済学会
The purpose of this paper is to examine methods to support the planning of inspection tours by municipalities. Text mining analysis on reasons of awarded cases in a Nourinsuisansai contest was adopted to extract keywords. Then, correspondence analysis was used to understand the tendencies which played a role in the prize-winning. Interpretive structural modeling analysis (ISM) for documentary information was used to visualize the activities of the prize-winning case. We confirmed that correspondence analysis is able to find common keywords and specific keywords for each time period. Further, we also established that ISM is helpful to identify an innovative activity which encompasses the lowest frequencies of keywords. We conclude that an approach combining simple methods, details of which we suggest, creates new information which is useful for planning tours by municipalities.

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