Journal Article 北海道における新規参入者の実態と地域との関わり : 余市町と平取町を事例に
The real situation of new farmers in Hokkaido and the relationship between the regions.

鄭, 龍暻  ,  小林, 国之

20 ( 2 )  , pp.99 - 108 , 2018-03-31 , 北海道農業経済学会
In recent years, the rural leader problem and the aging problem have become topics of primary concern in Hokkaido. New farmers have been recognized as a vital presence for the rural areas. This study, comparing two rural areas, where the numbers of new farmers are increasing, is proposed to further understand the relationship between the regions in Hokkaido with regard to new farmers. Relationships between the regions of the new farmers of both regions by new farmers system showed a different trend. But it has revealed that the new farmers are important presence as well as principal of agricultural production.

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