Journal Article 根釧地域の酪農家経済の動向と発展の条件
The Trend of the Dairy Farm economy and the Development Condition of the Konsen Region

三宅, 俊輔

20 ( 2 )  , pp.19 - 31 , 2018-03-31 , 北海道農業経済学会
This paper analyzes reproduction in the farm economy, to consider the conditions for development of large-scale farms in the Konsen region. The following conclusions may be drawn: 1) In large-scale farming, specific farms may be subject to long term problems in relation to reproduction, and such farms would be prone to deteriorating economic conditions. 2) The efficiency rather than the scale has a stronger influence on reproduction in large-scale farms. Added to this, efficiency is related to production efficiencies which strongly affect milk production. 3) Production efficiencies change with the work involved with and other details of work involving delivered cows. On farms with limited cash surpluses the farmer can only afford to allot few working hours to delivered cows Therefore, the dairy farm economy of large-scale farms may not remain stable even if outsiders are able to obtain higher milk prices by this. It is necessary for management and the personnel in charge to improve conditions for delivered cows. In addition, securing availability of personnel and training of the personnel involved is necessary.

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