Departmental Bulletin Paper ニヴフ語東サハリン方言における指示語の非現場指示の用法について
Non-exophoric Uses of Demonstratives in Nivkh (East-Sakhalin Dialect)

蔡, 熙鏡

8pp.115 - 125 , 2018-03-10 , 新潟大学人文学部
This paper describes the anaphoric use and the discourse deictic use of so called 'proximal','close'and'invisible'demonstratives in Nivkh (East-Sakhalin dialect). The main points mentioned in this paper are as follows: 1. Some of the East-Sakhalin dialect demonstratives have anaphoric and discourse deictic functions. 2. The choice of demonstratives in the anaphoric use depends on whether the speaker directs the attention of the listener to the reference in previous discourse. 3. The choice of demonstratives in the discourse deictic use depends on whether a speaker considers the discourse content as his/her mental area or not.

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