Departmental Bulletin Paper アルタイ諸言語と朝鮮語、日本語におけるいわゆる「再帰代名詞」の対照研究
A Contrastive Study of the "Reflexive Pronouns" among Altaic languages, Korean and Japanese

風間, 伸次郎

8pp.23 - 58 , 2018-03-10 , 新潟大学人文学部
In the present paper I examined the "reflexive pronouns" of Turkish, Mongolian, Nanai, Korean and Japanese by elicitation in order to reveal their range of function. The "reflexive pronouns" of these languages show such similarities and differences as seen below (Table 1). I proposed the hypothesis that these features are derived from the feature of the long-distance binding which these languages share.

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