Departmental Bulletin Paper 十勝岳重力観測網での2機種の相対重力計による測定値の比較
Comparison of gravity measurement values between two relative gravimeter models in Tokachi-dake volcano

岡田, 和見  ,  高橋, 浩晃  ,  一柳, 昌義  ,  岡崎, 紀俊  ,  高木, 朗充

81pp.27 - 32 , 2018-03-19 , 北海道大学大学院理学研究院
Simultaneous relative gravity measurements using three SCINTREX CG5 and one LaCoste & Romberg G gravimeters were carried out in active Tokachi-dake volcano. No tares were identified in all measurement series. Differences in measured relative gravity values between the CG5#0033 and G#791 were less than 0.023 mGal for each observation point. Maximum difference between CG5#0552 and G#791, however, reached to 0 .196 mGal. Discrepancy between CG5#0552 and CG5#0033 was also recognized. Above differences seemed to correlate with relative gravity and altitude from reference to stations. These results suggested possible larger difference between individuals but lesser between gravimeter models. Investigation of possible error factors, e.g. spring constants, recovery characteristics of gravimeter tilting, and air proofing of chamber are required.

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