Journal Article Neutron diffraction study on single-crystalline UAu2Si2

Tabata, Chihiro  ,  Klicpera, Milan  ,  Ouladdiaf, Bachir  ,  Saito, Hiraku  ,  Valiska, Michal  ,  Uhlirova, Klara  ,  Miura, Naoyuki  ,  Sechovsky, Vladimir  ,  Amitsuka, Hiroshi

96 ( 21 )  , p.214442 , 2017-12-29 , American Physical Society (APS)
The magnetic structure of tetragonal UAu2Si2 was investigated by single-crystal neutron-diffraction experiments. Below T-N= 20 K it orders antiferromagnetically with a propagation vector of k = (2/3,0,0) and magnetic moments of uranium ions pointing along the tetragonal c axis. Weak signs of the presence of a ferromagnetic component of magnetic moment were traced out. Taking into account a group theory calculation and experimental results of magnetization and Si-29 nuclear magnetic resonance, the magnetic structure is determined to be a squared-up antiferromagnetic structure, with a stacking sequence (+ + -) of the ferromagnetic ac-plane sheets along the a axis. This result highlights similar magnetic correlations in UAu2Si2 and isostructural URu2Si2.

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