Journal Article Inverse pole figure mapping of bulk crystalline grains in a polycrystalline steel plate by pulsed neutron Bragg-dip transmission imaging

Sato, Hirotaka  ,  Shiota, Yoshinori  ,  Morooka, Satoshi  ,  Todaka, Yoshikazu  ,  Adachi, Nozomu  ,  Sadamatsu, Sunao  ,  Oikawa, Kenichi  ,  Harada, Masahide  ,  Zhang, Shuoyuan  ,  Su, Yuhua  ,  Kamiyama, Takashi  ,  Ohnuma, Masato  ,  Furusaka, Michihiro  ,  Shinohara, Takenao  ,  Kiyanagi, Yoshiaki

50pp.1601 - 1610 , 2017-12 , International Union of Crystallography
A new mapping procedure for polycrystals using neutron Bragg-dip transmission is presented. This is expected to be useful as a new materials characterization tool which can simultaneously map the crystallographic direction of grains parallel to the incident beam. The method potentially has a higher spatial resolution than neutron diffraction imaging. As a demonstration, a Bragg-dip neutron transmission experiment was conducted at J-PARC on beamline MLF BL10 NOBORU. A large-grained Si-steel plate was used. Since this specimen included multiple grains along the neutron beam transmission path, it was a challenging task for existing methods to analyse the direction of the crystal lattice of each grain. A new data-analysis method for Bragg-dip transmission measurements was developed based on database matching. As a result, the number of grains and their crystallographic direction along the neutron transmission path have been determined.

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