Departmental Bulletin Paper 「問い」の進展としての授業

佐竹, 貴明

129pp.135 - 161 , 2017-12-22 , 北海道大学大学院教育学研究院
The purpose of this paper is to examine the“Question theory”by Yukio Tsukamoto, a Japanese school teacher, and to find its significance. For that reason, this paper analyzes two lessons and describes the characteristics of the “Question theory”. In this paper,“Question”is defined as the direction of inquiry into the subject matters that both the teacher and the learners have. Accordingly, lessons are the processes in which “Questions”develop. The characteristics of the“Question theory”are as follows: 1) Teacher’s“questions”and learners’“questions”are equal in regard to the inquiry into the subject matters. 2) Teacher finds“unknown questions”from learners’“questions”. “Unknown question”is defined as a “question”that the teacher could not find before the lesson. 3)“Question theory”is also a theory of teacher’s learning. Teacher’s study of the subject matters is an act not only done before the lesson, but also done during the lesson. 4) In the lesson, the teacher and the learners experience an inquiry into unknown possibilities. 5) In the lesson, the teacher listens not only to the learners’utterances, but also to the learners’“question”. In conclusion, the significance of the“Question theory”is to present teachers with a new philosophies of lessons and learners to guarantee learners’learning. It is essential that both the teacher and the learners collaboratively inquire into the subject matters.

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