Departmental Bulletin Paper 長距離走トレーニングとハーフマラソン記録の関係 : 走行距離と走速度の追跡からみたトレーニングのあり方

中澤, 翔

129pp.37 - 49 , 2017-12-22 , 北海道大学大学院教育学研究院
The aim of this research is to clarify the relation between long-distance running training and half-marathon record. The running distance and running speed of different types of training (distance, pace, interval, jog) was tracked with a GPS watch for a period of 8 weeks, and the results of which were then compared to half-marathon records taken on the last day of the trainings. The 8-week period was divided into first half and second half ( 4 weeks each) with university long-distance runners with previous records completing a half marathon within around 72 minutes as subjects. Results showed that: 1) runners who ran longer distance during second half recorded better time for 10km mark, 10-20km interval, and half-marathon; 2) runners who ran at a higher speed during second half recorded better time for 10km mark. According to these results, it can be said that training methods that place more weight on running distance and endurance is more effective in improving half-marathon record among amateur runners than methods such as interval trainings that seek to improve running speed.

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