Journal Article A new tropical Oligocene dolphin from Montañita/Olón, Santa Elena, Ecuador

Tanaka, Yoshihiro  ,  Abella, Juan  ,  Aguirre-Fernández, Gabriel  ,  Gregori, Maria  ,  Fordyce, R. Ewan

12 ( 12 )  , p.e0188380 , 2017-12
A new small probable Oligocene dolphin from Ecuador represents a new genus and species, Urkudelphis chawpipacha. The new taxon is known from a single juvenile skull and earbones; it differs from other archaic dolphins in features including widely exposed frontals at the vertex, a dorsally wide open vomer at the mesorostral groove, and a strongly projected and pointed lateral tuberosity of the periotic. Phylogenetic analysis places it toward the base of the largely-extinct clade Platanistoidea. The fossil is one of a few records of tropical fossil dolphins.

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