Departmental Bulletin Paper インタビュー:アートが地域を変えるのか? 地域がアートを変えるのか?
Interview: Art Alters Our Community? Our Community Alters Art?

星野, 太  ,  奥本, 素子

22pp.71 - 83 , 2017-12 , 北海道大学 高等教育推進機構 オープンエデュケーションセンター 科学技術コミュニケーション教育研究部門(CoSTEP)
In recent years, the movement of art to cooperate with the region and society is accelerating in Japan. Why is art approaching society and the region and how is deepening cooperation with them? Dr. F. Hoshino who researches aesthetics / studies of culture and representation at Kanazawa College of Art is a prominent researcher of aesthetic in the commentary on art facing social problems and the relationship between art and audience. This time, we visited him and asked him to explain the present relationship between art and society, especially the local area, and talk the challenges that the contemporary art has and the prospects. Through this interview, the problem which is also related to the science and technology communication, the sharing of the concept of commonality with society, which arises when art is utilized for regional promotion, has been clarified.

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