Journal Article Using Laser Interference Lithography in the Fabrication of a Simplified Micro and Nanofluidic Device for Label-free Detection

Ajiri, Taiga  ,  Kasa, Haruya  ,  Maeki, Masatoshi  ,  Ishida, Akihiko  ,  Tani, Hirofumi  ,  Nishi, Junji  ,  Tokeshi, Manabu

33 ( 10 )  , pp.1197 - 1199 , 2017-10 , 日本分析化学会(Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry)
Recently, we developed a label-free detection method based on optical diffraction, and implemented it in on our fabricated micro- and nanofluidic device. This detection method is simple and useful for detecting biomolecules, but the device fabrication consists of complicated processes. In this paper, we propose a simple method for fabricating the micro- and nanofluidic device; the fabrication combines laser interference lithography with conventional photolithography. The performance of a device fabricated by the proposed method is comparable to the performance of the device in our previous study.

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