Journal Article Leisure-time physical activity and risk of disability incidence : A 12-year prospective cohort study among young elderly of the same age at baseline

Matsunaga, Takashi  ,  Naito, Mariko  ,  Wakai, Kenji  ,  Ukawa, Shigekazu  ,  Zhao, Wenjing  ,  Okabayashi, Satoe  ,  Ando, Masahiko  ,  Kawamura, Takashi  ,  Tamakoshi, Akiko

27 ( 11 )  , pp.538 - 545 , 2017-11 , Japan Epidemiological Association
Background: To clarify the role of physical activity in preventing disability in Japan, we investigated the association between amount of leisure-time physical activity and incidence of disability among the young elderly. Methods: In the New Integrated Suburban Seniority Investigation (NISSIN) project conducted from 1996 to 2013, we followed 2888 community-dwelling adults aged 64-65 years with no history of cerebrovascular disease for a median follow-up of 11.6 years. Disabilities were defined as follows based on the classifications of the Japanese long-term care insurance system: 1) support or care levels (support levels 1-2 or care levels 1-5); 2) care levels 2-5; 3) support or care levels with dementia; and 4) care levels 2-5 or death. In addition, we also assessed 5) all-cause mortality. Results: After controlling for sociodemographic, lifestyle, and medical factors, male participants reporting an activity level of 18.1 metabolic equivalent (MET)-hours/week (the median among those with activities) or more had 52% less risk of being classified as support or care levels with dementia compared with the no activity group (hazard ratio 0.48; 95% confidence interval, 0.25-0.94). No significant association was found among women between amount of leisure-time physical activity and incidence of disability. Conclusion: We identified an inverse doseeresponse relationship between the amount of leisure-time physical activity and the risk of disability with dementia in men. Therefore, a higher level of physical activity should be recommended to young elderly men to prevent disability with dementia.

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