Journal Article アートと趣味縁の拠点における「非クリエイティブクラス」のハーフシフトについて : 札幌市のOYOYOゼミの事例から
Concerning the Half-Shift of the Non-Creative Class in a Strategic Base for Art and Leisure Activities : A Case Study of "OYOYO ART CENTER SAPPORO"

加藤, 康子

13 ( 1 )  , pp.36 - 44 , 2016-03 , 文化経済学会 (日本)
Creative city theory points out that human creativity plays a significant role in city economics. Creative Class has been focused as creative human resource, but as to community people other than Creative Class, their creative potentiality has been ignored. This study focuses on a case of "OYOYO ART CENTER SAPPORO." In this case, people other than Creative Class initiate their art and leisure activities in the heart of a city to empower their own individual potentiality and creativity. The study gives an analytical examination to the case in terms of its mechanism by applying "Half-Shift," a concept introduced by Asami Shikida.

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