Conference Paper Impact on permeability due to axial stress disturbances for cretaceous sandy shale

Boeut, Sophea  ,  Oshima, Teppie  ,  Fujii, Yoshiaki  ,  Kodama, Jun-ichi  ,  Fukuda, Daisuke  ,  Matsumoto, Hiroyuki  ,  Uchida, Kazumi

4 ( 2 )  , p.PY2-73 , 2017-09-26 , 資源・素材学会=The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan
Seismic waves generated from earthquakes and artificial surface vibration might alter the water level in the wells and oil or gas production. These transient stress disturbances prospectively caused the permeability change due to new pathway occurring or existing pathway being cleared. The permeability change might encourage enhancing gas recovery, inducing small earthquakes preventing future large earthquakes, and de-routing underground water flow for various purposes. The prospective permeability increase by axial stress disturbances of Cretaceous sandy shale may effectively expand the capacity of methane gas recovery of Kushiro Coal Mine. The paper observes the permeability change of intact or triaxially fractured Kushiro Cretaceous sandy shale by axial stress disturbances. It will be shown that increasing and decreasing factors might work together on permeability.

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