Journal Article TiO2-Supported Re as a General and Chemoselective Heterogeneous Catalyst for Hydrogenation of Carboxylic Acids to Alcohols

Toyao, Takashi  ,  Siddiki, S. M. A. Hakim  ,  Touchy, Abeda S.  ,  Onodera, Wataru  ,  Kon, Kenichi  ,  Morita, Yoshitsugu  ,  Kamachi, Takashi  ,  Yoshizawa, Kazunari  ,  Shimizu, Ken-ichi

23 ( 5 )  , pp.1001 - 1006 , 2017-01-23 , Wiley-Blackwell
TiO2-supported Re, Re/TiO2, was found to promote selective hydrogenation of carboxylic acids having aromatic and aliphatic moieties to the corresponding alcohols. Re/TiO2 showed superior results compared to other transition-metal-loaded TiO2 and supported Re catalysts for selective hydrogenation of 3-phenylpropionic acid. 3phenylpropanol was produced in 97% yield under mild conditions (5 MPa H-2 at 140 degrees C). Contrary to typical heterogeneous catalysts, Re/TiO2 does not lead to the formation of dearomatized byproducts. The catalyst is recyclable and shows a wide substrate scope in the synthesis of alcohols (22 examples; up to 97% isolated yield).

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