Journal Article Sustained dynamics of a weakly excitable system with nonlocal interactions

Kobayashi, Yasuaki  ,  Kitahata, Hiroyuki  ,  Nagayama, Masaharu

96 ( 2 )  , p.22213 , 2017-08-23 , American Physical Society (APS)
We investigate a two-dimensional spatially extended system that has a weak sense of excitability, where an excitation wave has a uniform profile and propagates only within a finite range. Using a cellular automaton model of such a weakly excitable system, we show that three kinds of sustained dynamics emerge when nonlocal spatial interactions are provided, where a chain of local wave propagation and nonlocal activation forms an elementary oscillatory cycle. Transition between different oscillation regimes can be understood as different ways of interactions among these cycles. Analytical expressions are given for the oscillation probability near the onset of oscillations.

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