Journal Article Evaluation of recovery after intravenous sedation

Shibuya, Makiko  ,  Fujisawa, Toshiaki

38 ( Special issue )  , pp.172 - 179 , 2017-09 , 北海道歯学会
The Intravenous Sedation (IVS) Guideline Working Group of the Japanese Dental Society of Anesthesiology (JDSA) formulated guidelines for intravenous conscious sedation in dentistry. These guidelines were then published on the website of the JDSA in October 2009. These guidelines were developed in accordance with the “MINDS Handbook for Clinical Practice Guideline Development 2007” published by the Medical Information Network Distribution Service (MINDS), and were listed on the MINDS Website in February 2011. One of the authors participated in the planning of these guidelines and was responsible for the section on recovery period. The revised version has been published on the website of the JDSA in May 2017. In this review, the following three issues are explained : 1) basic points of view with regard to the recovery process after IVS ; 2) influence of aging on the physiological and pharmacological function and points of attention regarding IVS management in elderly patients ; and, 3) comparison results of recovery criteria among IVS and/or general anesthesia guidelines of domestic and international academic societies.

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