Journal Article Lip incompetence and myofunctional therapy

Iida, Junichiro  ,  Kaneko, Tomoo  ,  Nakanishi (Ohtsuka), Mai  ,  Yoshizawa, Saori  ,  Yamamoto, Takaaki  ,  Sato, Yoshiaki

38 ( Special issue )  , pp.130 - 135 , 2017-09 , 北海道歯学会
Lip incompetence, which is a state in which the upper and lower lips are constantly apart, is thought to induce mouth breathing that may result in the development of gingivitis and periodontal disease. In the orthodontic field, lip incompetence has major problems for diagnosis, when determining the treatment goal and at the time of retention. We have been performing studies on lip incompetence and have obtained the following results : (1) it is possible to predict to some extent the state of lip closure during sleep by examination only in an awake state, (2) anterior teeth are positioned forward in individuals with lip incompetence, and (3) a training method called Button Pull is effective as a myofunctional therapy for improving lip incompetence, but there remains a need to clarify the background.

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